who is the Retro Witch ?

The Retro Witch was born in September 2019, it was one of those key moments in life that rarely ever happen. 

I have always been "connected", always followed the signs that my guides sent me (which always made my friends laugh), not really knowing how or why.

I always had the impression that I didn't fit in, and went from job to job over the years, until I realized the common thing between all of them was simple : I needed to heal people.

People I had never met before told me their darkest secrets in a few minutes, spilling all their fears, doubts, and anxiety all over me. 

I started studying astrology to analyze the behaviour patterns in people, and all these years later, it is still one of my passions.

In 2016, a massive burnout led me to Reiki , and my life took an unexpected turn : I rediscovered my connection to the Universe, and the possibility to channel this amazing energy. The same year, I start my training with the wonderful Lökkhana, training that I will complete two years later with Melissa Crowhurst.

Every day, you make me smile, you support me, you give me your trust, and I couldn't be more grateful. I love you !

For my 2019 birthday, my best friend and witch Poppy Milli made me this Retro Witch brooch. Suddently all became clear ! A few weeks later, I launched my Youtube channel, IG account and started various trainings in divinatory arts with an amazing teacher and mentor, Maxence Drazyk.

My areas of expertise

Astrology, lithotherapy, tarology, cartomancy, radiesthesia, numerology, energy healing (Reiki and Angelic healing). I work in all areas but my favourite is the matters of the heart !

My 7

Here are the links of amazing "connected" and talented friends who walk the life path 7 with me :

Maxence Drazyk, medium and spiritual therapist

La Gardienne de Secrets, spiritual illustrator

Lökkhana, Reiki master